The Nano Match Program

Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council (INIC) initiated the Nano Match program in 2013 to support researchers, entrepreneurs, and companies in commercializing their innovations and ideas. Since then, the Nano Match program has provided a broad range of services and supports to its numerous participants with a primary goal of accelerating the commercialization process.

The Nano Match program continuously receives applicants with innovative project plans. The prospective applicants are evaluated based on both technical and commercial feasibility aspects.  Furthermore, the applicants must have a working prototype when they apply for the program.

The accepted applicants to the Nano Match program are provided a range of services and facilities including market research, technology monitoring, patent filings, development of business plans, financial support, and technology valuations. Each applicant may further benefit of accessing to mentors who may provide technical, commercial, and business consultations. In addition, the Nano Match program provides a series of sessions and seminars regarding business and entrepreneurship by subject matter experts.

Nano Match welcomes potential investors to interact with the participants of the program and explore particular partnerships with these entities. Nano Match arranges various events throughout the year and can also facilitate meetings for potential investors outside those events.

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